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PIRL Research Assistants

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In our lab, we work collaboratively to address questions related to prejudice, intergroup relations, motivation to address bias, and the regulation of stereotypes. Research assistants have the opportunity to work on projects ranging from how children develop prejudices to how can adults become humble to the experiences of those from marginalized groups. Research assistants gain experiences in study development, running participants, data cleaning and coding, and more!

The Prejudice and Intergroup Relations lab works on several projects with the Social Kids Lab. As such,  both labs are currently operating as a joint lab for the purpose of hiring, training, and supporting undergraduate research assistants. 

If you would like to learn more about research in psychology, build skills for different areas and careers, and meaningfully contribute to science, click here to apply for a research assistant position on our joint SKL/PIRL team!

**You can apply now for consideration for Summer 2024 and Fall 2024. Applications will be considered up until Thursday, April 4th. 


Who should apply? 

We encourage students who are self-motivated, detail-oriented, and have a strong work ethic to apply. Passion for research is preferred; we seek students who are eager to learn and excited about the topics we study in our lab.

What is the commitment? 

In exchange for 3 course credits, students are required to work 10 hours a week in the lab, in addition to attending weekly lab meetings. We prefer students who can offer a 2-semester commitment to the lab.

What do our Research Assistants say about the PIRL/SKL? 

“Being in this lab has had a great impact on my social skills in professional settings. From communicating with Principal Investigators, to running studies with participants, I am now proficient in effectively presenting my thoughts and ideas in professional settings.  Being in this lab has helped me form strong connections with lab managers and principal investigators, people who I know I could count on to give me strong letters of recommendation if needed.”

“Working in a lab as a research assistant has taught me so much about accomplishing small tasks while working with others to reach a big goal. I feel like even after just half of a semester I have learned more about research than I have from any other lecture-based class.”

“Being in lab has taught me a lot about team work. There are a lot of moving parts on our projects, so we need to constantly be up to date on what people have been working on. Working on projects in lab have helped me understand research methods. It’s easy to brag about being in the Devine Lab because the goals of the lab are so important. Anywhere you apply for a job will want to hear about how you have been working to reduce racial and gender prejudices.”

“Working in PIRL has significantly impacted my undergraduate experience! The lab environment is so supportive and it truly prepared me to have sometimes difficult conversations about the consequences of bias and prejudice in our society. The faculty and graduate students give you (research assistants) the autonomy to develop skills in all areas of the research process. Through PIRL, I have gained more confidence in my writing and research skills, and overall ability to think critically.”