The Prejudice Habit Breaking Intervention

In 2008, Dr. Devine, Dr. Cox and their colleagues harnessed the theoretical and empirical insights from her considerable body of foundational, pioneering work to develop an intervention designed to promote concern about unintentional bias and discrimination and to empower people to overcome unintentional biases. The prejudice habit breaking intervention was the first, and remains the only intervention that has been shown experimentally to produce long-term changes in bias (Devine, Forscher, Austin, & Cox, 2012, cited 245 times; Forscher, Mitamura, Dix, Cox, & Devine, 2017). Dr. Devine, Dr. Cox and their colleagues have adapted this intervention for many different audiences, including public school teachers, professors, graduate students, and police officers. A gender version of this intervention directed at STEM faculty (Carnes et al., 2015) caused UW-Madison science departments to a 15 percentage point increase in hiring women as faculty (Devine, Forscher, Cox, Kaatz, Sheridan, & Carnes, 2017). In several randomized-controlled studies, Drs. Devine and Cox have tested this intervention’s replicability and long-term effectiveness, with its effects lasting up to at least 2-3 years post-intervention.

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