Patricia Devine

I am interested in how people manage the intrapersonal and interpersonal challenges associated with prejudice in our contemporary society. In particular, my previous work concentrated on the sources of motivation, internal and external, for responding without prejudice and investigated the unique challenges these alternate sources of motivation create for managing the interpersonal aspects of intergroup relations. Another main focus for recent work consists of combating bias at both the individual and institutional level using evidence-based interventions to empower adults to regulate their use of stereotypes and break the prejudice habit. Key questions concern the relation between meaningful reflection on the negative consequences of bias, utilization of bias-reduction strategies, and the processes that regulate the use of stereotypes. In addition, I am interested in evaluating the content and consistency of contemporary stereotypes regarding Black people, as well as the extent to which evidence-based interventions reduce reliance on stereotypes when making social inferences. Furthermore, In efforts to mitigate bias early in development, I am also investigating the efficacy of a parent-led habit-breaking intervention on the reduction of children’s racial biases.

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