The lab goes to SPSP

Our lab enjoyed our time in New Orleans for the Society of Personality and Social Psychology Annual Conference- 2020!

Members of our lab participated in the following ways:

Megan Bruun presented a poster: 

Prejudice Habit-Breaking Intervention Mitigates Use of Stereotypes When Making Inferences

Katharine Scott presented a talk:

“My Child Wouldn’t Do That”: Parents’ Beliefs about Their Children’s Racial Biases

Emily Dix gave a data blitz:

Reducing Perceptions that Black People Overreact to Bias by Fostering Interracial Humility and an Understanding That the Effects of Bias Accumulate

And Trish Devine received the Career Contribution Award:

Trish with former students during celebratory dinner

(People from left to right: David Amodio, Trish Devine, Ashby Plant, Margo Monteith)